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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truck Turkeys and Other Mischevious Shenanigans

I swear at some point I will finish the story about how we have mis-managed the turkeys so far this year.  But..... in the meantime, I rediscovered the fact that my camera will take mostly poor quality videos.  The turkeys were out and about this evening for their I-always-hope-for foraging tour.  This mostly means that after a day under the fruit trees, they are eager to get into everyone's business or else be someplace they shouldn't.  Tonight they thought the truck didn't have enough scratches, so the Narragansett hens gave it a go.  Maybe we should let them try to drive!!

And, here is a pic of them harassing one of our cats.  Nothing goes un chased (except the horses).  They even took off after a poor rabbit out foraging for goodies.
No, the cat canNOT open the door

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