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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Wet out There and other Meanderings

Well, we took the week off to try and get caught up here on the weeding.  At least Roland took the week off from his day job.  For me it is still the same 'ol thing.  Only maybe worse, because we tried to focus our efforts on just one thing, and it really is hard for me to do that.

It's a good thing we didn't wait any longer to get that chore done.  I swear the weeds were growing a foot over night, literally.  The plants we wanted started to disappear in the jungle and were hard to find.  We weeded in the rain, in the heat, and had to take a day sort of off to recuperate.  But, we're gaining, and it is starting to look a little more respectable.  I know one thing.....  annual crops are a LOT of work.  I'm looking forward to the day when most of our "crops" are perennial in nature.  Plant once, take care of them, and they pay you back for many years.  My kind of crop.

Garlic looking good!
Speaking of perennial crops, the mulberries are coming along hot and heavy.  I can't believe more people don't take advantage of them.  They are yummy.  I like them better than strawberries, myself.  Of course, strawberries are one of the food that are on my can't eat list, so that has an influence.  They are pretty easy to harvest.  Spread out sheets or plastic, or whatever you have that is clean and big, and shake the tree.  Voila!


Speaking of great perennial crops, we are going to have blueberries for the first time this year.  Not many, but they're OURS!

Blueberries from Black horse Hill
The amount of poultry around here is increasing.  My fault.  I just wanted to experiment a little.  Creating more work for myself, of course.  For a few broody hens too.  Here are pics of a couple of them.

Peek a boo!!

Little Peep now has her own babes.       

I've posted in the past about Little Peep (AKA as Bucky Jr.)  She was the first chick hatched out here last year.  Well, she went broody, and I let her have a few eggs of her own to hatch.  None of the babies are hers, but she doesn't care.  She is a very fierce protector.  I can swear to that, because she came after me a few days ago when she thought I was a danger to one of  them.

Several hens and their chicks are scattered about the property right now, each with their own portable hut.  There are still  a couple that haven't hatched theirs yet, and that will be it for a while.  Most of these are cross breds, and I need to concentrate on Pure bred chickens next. 

Here is a picture of some purebreds that I did hatch out in an incubator.  The white ones are White Chanteclers, and the black one is a Penedesenca.

White Chanteclers and Black Penedesenca  
.Well, I'm taking time on Friday to go to the Farmer's Market in Cambridge.  That one seems to work out better for me.  At least the weather is usually good on Fridays for some reason.  I'm tired of taking care of all the seedlings, so they are on sale big time.  They are pretty darn good sized now.  Potted in Purple Cow Organic Compost, most are organic seeds, and most are in newspaper pots that I made myself.  I'll still have some lettuce but that will be it for a while.  Still lots of kale, green garlic, garlic scapes, fresh thyme, oregano and cilantro, finally some cut flowers, and MULBERRIES! 

On a final note...  Got out of at least one chore.  Roland had gotten nervous about his wine cap mushroom bed.  He bought more spawn, and picked up a load of oak wood chips on his way back from relocating yet another raccoon.  As he was going out to figure the best place to drive in the tractor, he started laughing.  I walked over to see what was up, and of course, wine cap mushrooms were popping up all over.  I forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.

Tonight's meal included krispy kale chips and wine cap mushrooms sauteed with fresh garlic scapes and basil.  We do eat well here.


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  1. Definitely can relate to how torturous it is to focus on only one task for a full day! Not my nature at all.

    Also, like you, I've been noting the yumminess of the mulberries this year. I think they're even better than usual since we've gotten steady rain this year, but I like them any year when they're dark purple and plump. I think a lot of people don't eat them fully ripened, so they get a bad name.

    Megan in Lake Mills