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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like to Garden? Like Poultry? We need some help

Since the decision was sort of made for us to dive further into the art and science of growing food on a larger scale, I have come to realize that one little old person plus one often tired husband makes for too much work.  When Roland can finally retire, hopefully next year, things will be a bit easier.  But right now, it is harder than we thought it would be to get things done in a decent thoughtful way, and still have time for things like, well, sleeping and eating.

I'm pretty detail oriented when it comes to taking care of the myriad of poultry around here.  As we add portable infrastructure, it is becoming easier, but it is all coming along very slowly.  The nasty spring hasn't helped any.  Most things are planted, but now the weeds are taking over, the baby chicks are growing, and there are still more infrastructure to build, planning to be done, land to be cleared, swales to be built, and the list goes on and on.  I had planned to be at the farmer's markets, but that is not working out too well, due to the above mentioned dilemmas.  One person to do it all is just becoming too much.

Is this a complaint?  No, not really.  It is just what it is.  So, we are wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to come and help.  A couple of ideas - We would love to have someone or multiple someones try out a worker share CSA.  We have a lot of interesting produce items, plus eggs and meat coming down the line.  Or, maybe there is someone who needs a place to stay this summer, and would like to learn about raising critically rare breeds of poultry, specifically,  - Cotton patch geese, Ancona ducks, White and Partridge Chanteclers, and Black Penedesencas.  I am working on developing a couple of crossbreed lines as well, using the winter-laying capabilities of the Chantecler, and the dark egg coloration of the Penedesencas. 

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please send them our way.


  1. We grew heritage turkeys for a few years, along with various breeds of chickens and a large vegetable patch. Now that the free labor has all gone to college, we found it impossible to keep up. We got rid of the birds, and now I just grow enough for our own needs. I yearn for the day when farming pays for itself enough to be an honorable full time job once again. Good luck!

  2. I sure hear you about "too many projects, not enough time". Hope you find someone to help out, soon!