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Friday, June 3, 2011

Market Time

Well, the weather is changing.  Daily, that is.  The patterns have been so strange this year, it's hard to know what to do with what we are handed.

I've decided it is safe to start at the Farmer's Markets.  I just dipped my toes last year.  And, since I am not going to be working at a "real" job this summer, I am going to try several markets.  I will be at Lake Mills on Wednesday afternoons, Waterloo sometimes on Thursday afternoons, and now, at Cambridge on Friday afternoons.  We'll see if I can actually make that many markets in one week.  It is a LOT of work to get to these.

Here is the list for Friday's market in Cambridge.  It is the first one there in 15 years.  I think it should turn out to be a good one.  Here is for a successful launching on Friday, June 3.

Every thing is $1 or Buy 2, get one FREE
3 plants for $2 is a deal for organically grown veggie starts!

Amish Paste
San Marzano Paste
Black Krim Russian Heirloom
Celebrity Hybrid
Sweet Baby Girl Cherry
Snow White Cherry
Italian Gold Paste
Black Cherry
Matt's Wild cherry
San Remo Paste
Sweet Million Cherry

Siam Queen
Purple Ruffles
Blue Spice
Fino Verde

Egg Plant
Listada di Gandia (striped)
Fairy Tale (marbled)
Hansel (purple)
Gretel (white)
All eggplant are small sized fruits

Numex Joe E. Parker (chili)
El Jeffe (Jalapeno)
Ancho Poblano

Gonzales (Green, small)
Super Red (Red, small)

Moss Leaf Curled
Green Flat Leaf


Brussels Sprouts

Ground cherry
Aunt Molly's

Iris Tubers - Assorted Sizes and Colors

Salad Mix includes Mizuna, Spinach, Kale, and various Lettuces

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