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Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace and Prosperity for the New Year

Well, it has been a Longggggg time since I actually took the time to post on the blog. Last week, we got an actual Wisconsin winter storm.  We are pretty much in winter chore mode now, but it took a while for the muscles to get used to trudging through all the snow.  It is still pretty out, with not having had any snow melt.

 Now that we have made the decision to stay in Wisconsin, we are sorting out what the the year ahead might mean for us.  Roland is retired, and now has the time to work on some building projects.  Part of one job is done, extending the eaves on our smaller metal building. 
This will be used for the main breeding pens for the chickens, as well as a place to house extra roosters.  There will be runs extending out from the building, and there will be a fenced in exercise yard under the oak trees.  Looking forward to it, as it will make life simpler for me. 

The geese have been divided into two groups.  The birds that were obtained from Dr. Tom Walker in Texas are in one group, the birds from David James in Alabama in another.  Soon we will be dividing them into pairs, as the breeding season will be starting up soon.  We got our first egg in February last year, so expect the same this year. 

Over the summer I purchased a Sportsman Incubator.  This will really help as well, so now I don't have to impose on my good friend, Kim Clarke to hatch goose eggs for me.  I have a learning curve, but expect things will go well.  We only incubate the early laid goose eggs.  That gives a good test of fertility, plus, it is darn cold in February, and the eggs would most likely freeze if I left them in the nest.  Once it starts warming, I leave the eggs under the female geese to hatch.  Mother nature is the best incubator, and I feel that part of the criteria for choosing the breeding females is mothering ability. 

I have already had interest in Cotton Patch goslings, and had to think about my policy in regards to gosling sales.  I need to keep some stock for my own program, so mostly likely will be limiting the number of goslings I will sell.  I will have a more thorough update next time.

I also have a lot of interest in the White Chantecler, and am deciding on my policy there as well.  I will be making deliberate breeding choices, based on past experience, and the pool of diversity I have to choose from.  So, I will most likely have a limited number of hatching eggs and chicks this year.  Again, more updates later.

The main purpose of this post was to wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season, no matter what you celebrate.  May Peace and Prosperity bless you in the coming year.  And with that, here are Gus and Max with their annual holiday sing-fest.

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